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Movies revisted

Page history last edited by Bill McEachen 5 years, 11 months ago

Nov 1 2014


ok, here's the file I had created 8.5 yrs ago.  movie_list.txt


Since then, I have seen Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs.  My dvd swap account wishlist now includes:


The Cinder Path

Left Luggage

The Hill



Some additions/changes to categories ( I am sure I am forgetting many others)



Crimson Tide  (Hackman/Washington)

The Thin Red Line

Inglorious Basterds  (Tarantino)



Sweet Nothing in My Ear



Harriet the Spy

The Mask  (Carrey)

Real Steel  (Jackman)

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Ace Ventura  (Carrey)



Edge of Tomorrow (pretty funny I found) (Cruise)

the Mission Impossible movies (Cruise)

Apollo 13  (Hanks)

The River Wild (Bacon/Streep)

ConAir (Malcovich)



Passion of the Christ


The Truman Show  (Carrey, Harris)



Being John Malcovich


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