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wolfram alpha

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for A/D stuff, one can do the following (w/o showing scaling)

1. z transform calculator

2.Bode plot of s/(1-s) sampling period 0.02

3. bode plot of (2 z (2 z+1)) / (2 z-1)^3


One must match the Initial value of the Analog/Digital.  

Note the modified z-transform would map roots to [ 1 - A*(w/ws)^B ] with (A,B) a f{specific system}

As w approaches Ws, ***


Recall FVT s*F(s) as s goes to 0  and   (z-1)F(z)  as z goes to 1

IVT s*F(s) as s goes to infinity  and   F(z)  as z goes to infinity


So, from above FVT analog=0.  digital=0.   IVT analog -infinity     digital =0.5




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