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Peyton Manning Indiv Stats

Page history last edited by Bill McEachen 6 years, 11 months ago

Oct 2015

started 12/201


Of course he's a 1st ballot Hall of Famer (it should be unanimous)

 He'll own most major records when he leaves the game.


Some of his achievements:

1st in AV (approx value, see PFR) (raw&weighted), as well as AP MVP awards

1st career passing TDs, tied for 1st in Pro Bowl selections, total points, total TDs

1st in game-winning drives (see PFR)  & comebacks (see PFR)

1st net yds/pass att  (tied w/ Rodgers)

1st in playoff passing yards

1st in passing yards (to Favre, ~3000 behind as of 12/7/2014)


2nd all-time in QB rating (mine) as well as 3rd in NFLs (2 ahead are active)

2nd in pass compl and attempts, 2nd in games won

2nd in TDs/game behind Rodgers

2nd in total offense yards (to Favre, ~3000 behind ), avg pts/game

2nd in playoff games played behind Brady


3rd TD/INT ratio

3rd passing yards/game (st change as those ahead are active)

4th in %pass compl  st change as 2 ahead are active), TD-INT differential

top 10 in win%


2012 final:

0.494 = (0.20*(37+0)/16+0.20*(37-11)/100+0.20*0.686+0.20*(4659+6)/16/100)/2.5


2013 final:

0.643 = (0.20*(55+1)/16+0.20*(55-10)/100+0.20*0.683+0.20*(5477-31)/16/100)/2.5


2014 final:

0.502 = (0.20*(39+0)/16+0.20*(39-15)/100+0.20*0.662+0.20*(4727-24)/16/100)/2.5


2015 final (9 games, scaled):

0.538 = (0.20*(9+0)/9*(16/9)+0.20*(9-17)/100+0.20*0.598+0.20*(2249-6)/9*(16/9)/100)/2.5

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